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Counseling Anchorage was started by Sarah Leavitt, LPC, to fill a gap in the therapeutic services available to Alaskans.  


We are Alaska’s first premier counseling service for people with eating disorders and body image concerns. Issues like anxiety and depression often coexist with these concerns, and we treat the whole person with an understanding of the complexity of mental health. 


Our multidisciplinary team of professionals provides high-level care to anyone who seeks to feel better in their own skin. All members of our team respect each other’s areas of expertise and focus on doing their part to help everyone we treat. We seek to provide a service that helps each person take all the necessary steps to feel at home in their body.

Bamboo Chair


Respect for all people’s experiences and backgrounds.

Connection to clients.

Potential of all people to feel comfortable in their bodies.

Active participation in improving one’s own health.

Knowledge that everyone is capable of change.

Belief that we can facilitate that change together.

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